... but why and what's behind? Currently you can actually speak without exaggeration of a hype in the professional kitchen and private sector. The magic word „Sous-Vide“, which translated from French means something like "under vacuum" represents a completely new type of food preparation. However this method has been developed at the beginning of the 70s. The whole thing sounds very simple: put the product in a vacuum bag, and then cook it in a LaVide bath at low temperature to the point.

The perfect result is only doable with mature technology, which ensures that heat in the water bath is precisely controlled, gently acting on the food and all without the risk of overcooking.

LaVide - a pleasure-special experience. The flavor of your products is intensified by the exact cooking in its own atmosphere, without quality and high weight loss. The consistency and color of the product will remain fully.

Meat - tender than ever, and cooked exactly to the point
Fish - perfect glassy consistency with maximum flavor
Vegetables - evenly cooked tender but not too soft
Fruits - intensified flavor without additives
Desserts - impeccable taste with perfect consistency

    Sous-Vide | Lavide - Premium-Sous-Vide Equipment für Haushalt & Gewerbe. Vakuumgaren & Thermalisieren in Perfektion. Herausragende Sous-Vide Ergebnisse mit Geräten, die für die Sterneküche konzipiert wurden und jetzt endlich auch bezahlbar für Haushalt und Gewerbe erhältlich sind. Die hochpräzise Sous-Vide PID-Steuerung verbunden mit einer 2 Jahres Garantie zeichnet die Sous-Vide-Serie von Lavide aus. Jetzt testen und den einzigartigen Sous-Vide Genuß erleben! Lavide (c) 2011-2019.