LV.50® + V.333® Black-Edition + Bags

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Sous-Vide Single Unit | Sets:
LV.50<sup>®</sup> + V.100<sup>®</sup> Premium + Bags
LV.50® + V.100® Premium + Bags
LV.50<sup>®</sup> Stirrer
LV.50® Stirrer
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LV.50 Sous-Vide Thermostat + Professional-Vacuumpackager V.333 Black Edition + Bag package

The Sous-Vide immersion model LV.50 is the top product for the mobile professional Sous-Vide cooking. The device is characterized by its elegant design combined with the sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that enables high-precision temperature control. The LV.50 uses no pump like almost all other providers but a high-quality stainless steel propeller that is maintenance free.

The professional vacuum sealer V.333 Black Edition with a band length of 350 mm is characterized mainly by the double seam and the new standard systems LCS and LTP. The V.333 Black Edition works manual and the welding process is initiated via a button "welding". The maximum pressure bar is like all other premium products -0.94 bar. The device is characterized as any other professional Lava Vacuum Packager through its particularly easy handling.

Additionally included in the set: 100 R-Vac vacuum bags: size 20 x 30 cm

THE ADVANTAGES of the Lavide LV.50

  • High quality Sous-Vide technology for outstanding value for money
  • Developed for the star cuisine - now finally affordable for the household and catering
  • Temperature accuracy with PID-Regler: ± 0.05 °C*
  • Complete stainless steel design, very robust and stable
  • Water content: up to 50 liters
  • Temperature adjustment range: +5 to +95 °C
  • Strong heating (especially rapid heating of the bath): 1250 W
  • Compact size, therefore ideal for mobile use: Size 191 x 122 x 349 mm (L x W x H)
  • Simply fix the thermostat to any standard GN-container with one click
  • Without pump, with stainless steel propeller of durable, low maintenance
  • Stainless steel cage of reliably prevents vacuum bags get into the heating region
  • Standard water level sensor, automatic switch-off when the water level drops too much
  • Programmable audible timer up to 99 hours / resolution 1 minutes
  • Each bath is calibrated at the factory, which confirms the exact temperature accuracy
  • Thermal protection: the Sous-Vide LV.50 can be turned on only when water filled
  • Intuitive operation of the illuminated display with large buttons
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • The sturdy plastic handle on the top unit protects your hands from getting too much heat

    * = Under optimum conditions, and the lid closed

FUNCTIONS V.333 Black Edition

  • Fully automatic: Automatic vacuuming and welding process. Monitored by Lava sensor control.
  • Professional vacuuming and sealing of food, industrial parts and other items
  • Bag or vacuum sealing and welding rollers, reversible at any time to the container mode
  • Individually adjustable sealing time - so foils up to 200µ (industrial strength) with a width of up to 350 mm can be welded
  • Manufacture of foil bags of individual length (continuous rolls can be found in 6 widths in the lava accessories section)
  • Soft vacuum: precise pressure regulation possible for vacuuming of pressure-sensitive foods
  • No pressure on regulatory stop-pulse function or manual welding as on other devices
  • Vacuuming of all vacuum containers, pots, jars and twist-off jars and containers by suction
  • Welding of plastic bags up to 200µ to be used as a pure ideal sealer
  • Vacuum packing and sealing of liquids (with the lava L+ preasure regulation or pre-frozen)
  • Vacuum packing of smooth, standard vacuum-sealed foils available from 120µ thickness (Save money!)
  • More productinfos and videos, visit the Lava Shop
  • Lava Close System (LCS)



  • Application: for up to 50 liters of water content and 40 cm diameter
  • Perfect for mobile use as compact and stable in a stainless steel case
  • Display input resolution:  ± 0,1°C
  • Temperature accuracy with PID: ± 0,05°C
  • Temperature setting range: +5°C bis +95°C
  • Temperature setting: Electronically illuminated display with large numbers - waterproof
  • Factory calibration: standard
  • Programmable Timer: 1 minute to 99 hours - adjustable / with acoustic signal
  • Water circulation: Lavide uses no pump - easy to clean stainless steel propeller
  • Thermostat dimensions (L x W x H): 191 x 122 x 349 mm (including components such as Mount & Grip )
  • Voltage / Power Supply: 220-240 V / 50-60Hz
  • Heating capacity: 1250 W
  • Safety Equipment: FI-over-temperature protection
  • Other security device: water level sensor (if water level drops too much the thermostat switches off)
  • Warranty: 2 years from date of shipment


  • Sous-Vide Immersion LV.50
  • Prefessional Vacuum packager V.333 Black Edition
  • 100 R-Vac Bags, size 20 x 30 cm
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Warranty: 2 years from date of shipment

    Note: Delivery without decoration / attachments / bottle holder or dividers, these are accessories available separately


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* = For optimal conditions and closed vessel or water-cover

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    Sous-Vide | Lavide - Premium-Sous-Vide Equipment für Haushalt & Gewerbe. Vakuumgaren & Thermalisieren in Perfektion. Herausragende Sous-Vide Ergebnisse mit Geräten, die für die Sterneküche konzipiert wurden und jetzt endlich auch bezahlbar für Haushalt und Gewerbe erhältlich sind. Die hochpräzise Sous-Vide PID-Steuerung verbunden mit einer 2 Jahres Garantie zeichnet die Sous-Vide-Serie von Lavide aus. Jetzt testen und den einzigartigen Sous-Vide Genuß erleben! Lavide (c) 2011-2019.