Lava Preassure Regulation L+

The soft vacuum: ideal for pressure sensitive goods

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The soft vacuum - ideal for Sous-Vide cooking

Features & Advantages

  • Delivery: 1 piece
  • The degree of vacuum can be set exactly to a maximum of -0.2 bar
  • no regulation using the stop button or "early manual welding" as often at other makes
  • Ideal for products such as bread, vegetables, smoked fish, fruit etc. ..
  • Sauces and soups should always be vacuum packed in a container

Available as accessorie for the vacuum sealer models V.100 to V.200. In models V.300 to V.400 premium the L+ is standard. We highly recommend this accessory for the Lava Vacuum Packaging V.300 to V.500, since the set pressure will be displayed on the manometer.

Lava Preassure Regulation L+ Lava Preassure Regulation L+ Lava Preassure Regulation L+

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